Sunday, December 30, 2007

Senior Shoot

..ok..took these pics in early fall of this sweet and sassy, intelligent senior! She was so much fun to work with and what a beauty too! I asked if I could post a few from her sessions and she readily obliged. Thanks K! Note: Note sure how these will look on the web as my monitor needs to be calibrated on my laptop.

Friday, December 21, 2007

A Special Christmas Prayer

I found on a blog I frequent-really hits home for those who have lost a loved one due to cancer. This one is posted with heartfelt sympathy to my cousin Diane and her son, Jacob, who recently lost their loving husband and dad, Mark. I hope it may provide them some comfort and strength to get through this holiday season and beyond.

“My First Christmas In Heaven”
I see the countless Christmas trees around the world below,
With tiny lights, like Heaven’s stars, reflecting on the snow.
The sight is so spectacular, please wipe away the tear,
For I am spending Christmas with Jesus Christ this year!
I hear the many Christmas songs, that people hold so dear.
But the sounds of music can’t compare with the Christmas choir up here.
I have no words to tell you, the joy their voices bring,
For it’s beyond description, to hear the angels sing.
I know how much you miss me, I see pain inside your heart.
But I am not so far away, we really aren’t apart.
So be happy for me, loved ones, you know I hold you dear,
And be glad I’m spending Christmas with Jesus Christ this year!
I send you each a special gift, from my heavenly home above.
I send you each a memory of my undying love.
After all, Love is a gift, more precious than pure gold.
It was always most important in the stories Jesus told.
Please love and keep each other as our Father said to do.
For I can’t count the blessings or love He has for you.
So have a Merry Christmas and wipe away that tear,
Remember, I’m spending Christmas with Jesus Christ this year!
- Wanda Bencke

Baby it's cold outside...

...but apparently hot inside! Our house that is. H&M stopped in to check on Hugsley only to find the house a sweltering 92 degrees. After some checking it appeared that the battery was low or dead on the thermostat. Can't wait to see our gas bill! Yikes!

Other news, we arrived safely in Winter Park today. Got a bit of accumulating snow on the way up the mountain. Saw more than a half dozen mountain sheep (including a ram) right at the road's edge. They were so still they almost looked fake! Unfortunately, I couldn't sprawl to the back of the van to retrieve my cmaera in time-or else I would've had quite the pictures! Hmm...sounds like the big fish story of the one that got away.

Here's a classic pic of Boo asleep in the van. Gotta love the hair position and the gaping mouth. Just a waitin' for the drool to commence! This one is a keeper for later utilization.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

What a Little Payne...

Stewart! can you not love a little dude in knickers! Doesn't his H'ween costume rock?
Next post...a few more.