Friday, December 21, 2007

Baby it's cold outside...

...but apparently hot inside! Our house that is. H&M stopped in to check on Hugsley only to find the house a sweltering 92 degrees. After some checking it appeared that the battery was low or dead on the thermostat. Can't wait to see our gas bill! Yikes!

Other news, we arrived safely in Winter Park today. Got a bit of accumulating snow on the way up the mountain. Saw more than a half dozen mountain sheep (including a ram) right at the road's edge. They were so still they almost looked fake! Unfortunately, I couldn't sprawl to the back of the van to retrieve my cmaera in time-or else I would've had quite the pictures! Hmm...sounds like the big fish story of the one that got away.

Here's a classic pic of Boo asleep in the van. Gotta love the hair position and the gaping mouth. Just a waitin' for the drool to commence! This one is a keeper for later utilization.

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